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Posted on: February 25, 2008 10:23 pm

Which way did we go?

I've been thinking about this topic for a while, and still haven't found a meaningful explanation for what's happening. I hope there are other members who have explored the subject more thoroughly who can enlighten me.

Two Hall of Fame caliber players, approaching the twilight of their careers, are about to crash and burn. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have been arguably the best at their respective positions in the modern era, if not all-time. Yet, the use of steroids and Human Growth Hormone appears to be the death knell for both, but by significantly different means.

Greg Anderson has spent time at the Graybar Hotel twice, three times? He refuses to make any statements that would implicate Barry Bonds in any way, and has been willing to go to jail for his trouble. The changes in Bonds' physical appearance and increase in his homerun totals notwithstanding, no one has come forward with a "smoking gun" that proves he has used steroids. Even the convictions in the BALCO investigation have not induced anyone involved to tesify against Bonds.

Brian McNamee has talked enough to get his own spot on "The View", to keep from spending any time in jail, up to and including the creepy disclosure that he kept needles he alleges were used to inject Roger Clemens with steroids and HGH. His testimony is the foundation of the findings of the Mitchell Report, and may result in jail time for Clemens for perjury, if nothing else, if proof emerges that Clemens indeed used steroids.

The prevailing opinion around baseball is that neither player is the most popular among his peers, yet Clemens' "best friend" Andy Pettitte has given incriminating testimony before a Congressional committee, while no one has come forward to incriminate Barry Bonds.

What sort of conversation could have taken place between Bonds and Greg Anderson that would inspire Anderson to be jailed for contempt of court rather than incur the wrath of Bonds? How does Bonds manage to continue to avoid incrimination by one of the many people involved in the BALCO mess? And why has Clemens been deserted by McNamee simply to save his own skin? Is Greg Anderson a standup guy, and McNamee a weasel? Or hasn't McNamee seen The Godfather?

Barry Bonds has been a lightning rod for everyone who decries cheating in baseball, and Roger Clemens has focused the attention of Yankee haters everywhere who look for any excuse to be critical of the Yankees. I guess there won't be any more bar fights about whether Clemens should enter the Hall in a Red Sox hat or a Yankee hat. I doubt there were many who cared whether Bonds went in wearing a Pirates hat or a Giants hat. Either way, two once-great players have basically self-destructed, and are taking America's Pastime down with them. Even if they are found to be innocent, the stain on the game will remain for years, and on Bonds and Clemens for life.

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